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Commercial Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Service in Michigan and Ohio

Ceilings and walls are constantly exposed to dirt and dust—elements that can cause negative health effects to your employees. Thus, cleaning them should be part of the maintenance of your business.

Rely on Krystal Kleen Inc. to clean the ceilings and walls in your facility. Established in 1988, our company has a team of professionals who deliver quality service at all times. From spot cleaning to restoring of ceilings and walls, we have you covered.


Benefits of Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

Cleaning your ceilings and walls can help improve your facilities at a fraction of the cost of painting or replacing tiles. We can clean your ceiling approximately 20 times less than the cost of one replacement.

In addition, cleaning helps retain the fire-resistance rating of the materials. Unlike painting, cleaning your walls and ceilings neither reduces the tiles’ acoustical quality nor causes them to shrink and fall from the grids.

Providing Quality Service

With our quality service, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Before the cleaning starts, we will inspect your ceilings and walls. During cleaning, we will make sure that no harm will be done to your carpeting, window treatments, furniture, or equipment. Our team will make it a point that there will be no costly interruption to your business routine as we do our work.

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